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90% of startups fail, 10% within the first year.

We've got the experience and the processes to navigate the startup landscape. Partner with us. We Make Great Software.
Validate your Tech Startup Idea
42% of startups fail because they misread the market and do not know when to pivot or persevere.

We help you design and evolve a sustainable business model that supports your product/market fit.
De-risk your MVP
29% of startups fail because they run out of money or experience cash flow problems.

We help you design and build the right features with the right quality at the right time with the right people at the right price.
Get Investment
You have less than 30 seconds to convince someone to invest in your business, before they lose interest forever.

We help you maximize the potential of those 30 seconds.
Accelerate and Scale
Success often arrives quickly and unexpectedly. Being prepared to scale technology, people and processes is critical to converting success into long term sustainability and growth.

We help you build the right architectural and organizational foundations to support your startup when its time to scale.


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Global Kinetic is a premium software engineering business with extensive experience and expertise in enterprise-grade software engineering and digital transformation projects.
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TeamFirst Primary Logo
An early-warning system for your culture, people and teams.
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FutureBank Logo
FutureBank helps Banks and FinTechs build and launch banking and financial services products better, faster and more securely than anybody else.
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